Motorcycle Diagnostics & Fault Finding

Motorcycle diagnostics is a method of discovering and pinpointing electrical faults on your bike. The diagnostics tool plugs into your bike’s electrical control unit (ECU) and help us diagnose problems and make repairs faster; many common procedures are written into the tool so we can follow them (injectors, ignition, coils, fuelpump, etc).

Examples of Common Faults

The tool allows us to perform factory service procedures such as re-setting the service light, encoding keys, unlocking the immobilizer and configuring the immobilizer/alarm, making injection adjustments (CO Trimmer), adjusting the throttle valve position sensor (TPS), re-setting auto adaptive parameters, and making idling adjustments. The tool shows live data; it displays ECU data, reads stored faults (history) or live data (RPM, battery voltage, throttle angle).

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